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Our Commitment To Education


The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians places the education of our Tribal families as one of our core values. Knowledge is the doorway to enlightenment and helps all people to excel. 

Our Commitment to Education

San Manuel Education Committee

The Education Committee is a standing committee of our Tribe, appointed by the General Council. This committee is composed of Tribal Citizens who facilitate San Manuel’s educational vision and are delegated with the responsibility of overseeing the educational needs of our Tribe.

Education Programs

San Manuel Department of Education Programs

The purpose of the San Manuel Department of Education is to assist in implementing our Tribe’s educational vision. The Department continues to build its administrative foundation, expand existing educational services and programs, and develop exciting educational opportunities for Tribal families.

Academic Tutoring

Academic Program

Students, aged 3 years old to adults, receive support in academics and college as well as career guidance through Education Department programming. Staff collaborates with the teachers and counselors at the student’s school to provide enrichment and remediation activities, in addition to project and homework support. From an early age, visits to college campuses, career pathways workshops, and transition programs are provided for tribal families to explore careers that develop their unique strengths, talents, interests, and passions.

Serrano Language Revitalization Project

Serrano Language Revitalization Project

The Serrano Language Revitalization Project’s (SLRP) mission is to ensure the continuation of the Serrano language. SLRP supports community language revitalization efforts, developing materials such as a grammar book, dictionaries, educational multimedia resources, and apps. SLRP seeks to promote and sustain San Manuel’s unique linguistic heritage. All of the project’s efforts go toward the ultimate goal of teaching Tribal families to speak Serrano so it can be used in everyday communication.

Youth Committee

San Manuel Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is made up of Tribal youth ages 12-20. The seven officers represent the youth, develop activities, and coordinate events for all San Manuel Tribal families.

Cultural Sessions

Cultural Sessions

Students and their families attend Bird Singing and basket weaving sessions to ensure customs and traditions continue for all generations. Rattle making, shinny, and Peon are sessions offered through the Education Department as well.


Tribal Government

Education Department staff supports students learning about Tribal Government and sovereignty through enrichment activities such as job shadowing. Tribal families can attend a Tribal Sovereignty course, which is focused on the past, present, and future of the Tribal Government.

Summer Academy

Summer Academy

Through guest speakers, experiential activities, field trips, and cultural programs, the Summer Academy helps Tribal families to explore different themes and topics pertinent to Indigenous groups and tribal nations as well as STEAM-based activities. In addition, Maara’yam (Serrano) culture and language is emphasized throughout the duration of the Summer Academy.