San Manuel Education Committee

The Education Committee is a standing committee of the San Manuel Tribe, appointed by the General Council in February 2006. The Education Committee is comprised of tribal members who facilitate San Manuel's educational vision. The Committee was delegated with the responsibility of overseeing the educational needs of the Tribe. The Education Committee is also responsible for guiding the development and administration of the San Manuel educational system.

Department of Education

The purpose of the San Manuel Department of Education is to assist in implementing the Tribe's educational vision. Given its relatively new position in the San Manuel government, the Department continues to build its administrative foundation, expand existing educational services and programs, and continue in developing exciting educational opportunities for tribal members. The Education Department staff consists of a Director of Education, three linguists, eight tutors, and an Administrative Assistant.

Serrano Language Revitalization Project (SLRP)


The Serrano Language Revitalization Project's mission is to ensure the continuation of the Serrano language. SLRP aids in the teaching and documentation of the language through developing materials such as grammars, dictionaries, and educational multimedia. SLRP seeks to promote and sustain San Manuel's unique linguistic heritage. All of the project's efforts go toward the ultimate goal of teaching tribal members to speak Serrano so it can be used in everyday communication.

The San Manuel Learning Resource Center

The goal of the San Manuel Learning Resource Center is to provide San Manuel tribal members with the necessary tools and skills needed to successfully navigate their educational career endeavors. Through indigenous methods and culturally relevant curricula, the San Manuel Learning Resource Center will create a learning environment that will help cultivate the future leaders of San Manuel.


Established by the Department of Education in 2006, the San Manuel Learning Resource Center is committed to promoting the Serrano language and culture to our San Manuel Band of Mission Indians first, sharing the culture with students outside of the San Manuel Reservation, and establishing an academic awareness and understanding of the Serrano past, present, and future endeavors. In addition, the Department of Education is devoted to providing the Summer Academy, GED, tutoring, athletic programming, academic skills building workshops, career preparatory pathways, and cultural programming to all the members of the San Manuel Tribes.

Tutoring Program

Culture Learning

The Tutoring Program provides tribal students various services to help them be successful in the classroom. Our elementary students receive services including: homework assistance, multi-subject tutoring, proofreading and essay writing, long and short-term project assistance, organizational skills, time management, computer/typing skills, note taking methods, educational games and activities, over 1,000 books for students to read, and incentive activities. For middle school and high school students these services consist of: homework assistance, senior notebook preparation, college and scholarship applications, GED study, SAT study, CAHSEE preparation, resume building, career development, organizational skills, time management, computer skills, research techniques, and much more.

Summer Academy

Students, who participate in the Summer Academy, will take part in weekly themed activities focusing on contemporary Native American issues. Through guest speakers, experiential activities, field trips, and cultural programs, students will explore different themes and topics pertinent to Indigenous groups and tribal nations. Additionally, students will survey themes involving history, economic development, politics, sovereignty, cultural resource management, and different cultural practices. Serrano culture and language is emphasized throughout the duration of Summer Academy.