In the mid-1980s, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians invested in a high-stakes bingo operation, San Manuel Indian Bingo, near Highland, Calif. The bingo operation was enormously successful and in 1994 expanded to include a 100,000 square foot casino including a card room and slot machines.

In an effort to secure San Manuel Casino's position as one of the leading entertainment destinations in Southern California the tribe embarked in 2003 on an amenity enhancement project to provide more gaming. The property opened in January 2005 and generates millions in economic stimulus to the surrounding communities by providing thousands of jobs to Inland Empire residents through vendor relationships, construction and architectural partnerships and employment opportunities.

 Since 1986, the casino has grown from a few hundred employees to a work force of over 3,000 making San Manuel Band of Mission Indians one of the largest employers in the region.

San Manuel Casino generates revenue used to maintain governmental operations, provide for the general welfare of the tribe and healthcare needs, supply infrastructure needs such as roads, and to support continued economic development.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians dedicates significant resources from gaming to various philanthropic causes through its charitable donations to others in the community.

The tribe pays millions of dollars to local governments to improve roads support local municipalities, fund fire and police services and to keep the community free from litter all while beautifying the surrounding areas.

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